Remote participation

Live transcription and writeups can bring some of SRCCON to you.

It’s important to us to keep SRCCON small enough to feel friendly and conversational, but we also care about getting the ideas and conversations that take place at SRCCON into the wider world. The most important way this happens is when attendees return to their home newsrooms and put their new skills and approaches to work, but we are also documenting SRCCON as extensively as possible.


We had a live-captioning team transcribe 28 sessions at SRCCON. Live streams were available during these sessions, and links to the cleaned-up archives appear below.

Thursday sessions

10-10:30amWelcome to SRCCON
7-9pmEvening sessions
11am-noonFiguring It Out: Remote Communication
11am-noonA Newsroom Nadsat: How to Build Better Newsrooms with Better Language
11am-noonBecome a Better Programmer Through Mundane Programming
12:30-1:30pmBig Ambition, Small Staff, How the F*** Do I Prioritize?
12:30-1:30pmFork and Merge Some Data with Dat and Flatsheet
12:30-1:30pmPost Hoc Justifications for Newsroom Chat Bots
2-2:45pmBuilding Strong Journo-Tech Networks—Internationally
3-4pmTaking Web Accessibility Beyond Assumptions
3-4pmEvery Part of the Pig: How Can We Make Better Use of Reporting in Long Investigations?
3-4:30pmMeeting The New York Times Challenge: Delivering the News Over HTTPS
4:30-5:30pmRecruiting and Hiring People Not Wishlists
4:30-5:30pmInterviewing the Map: Simple Analysis for Web Maps

Friday sessions

11am-noonMachine Learning: How Useful Is it for Journalism?
11am-noonAd Viewability Is Coming and You Should Care
11am-noonWrong on INFILE, Wrong for America: What Do You Really Know about Your Database Software?
12:30-1:30pmLet's Stop Worrying and Let Our Reporters Make Their Own Graphics
12:30-1:30pmMerge Branch: Imagining New Version-Control Systems for Writers and Editors
12:30-1:30pmBringing Modern Development Processes to Monolithic Projects
2-2:45pmWhat (Front-End) Tools Do You Use?
3-4pmMessaging is the New Browser: Telling Stories and Building Audience One Sentence at a Time
3-4pmHow Can We Best Monetize Data—And Do So Responsibly, Ethically and Without Sacrificing Journalistic Standards?
3-4pmData Driving Decision-making: What We Learned from
4:30-5:30pmAfter the Altar Call: Maintaining Momentum, Community, and Inspiration Beyond Conferences
4:30-5:30pmThe Past of the Future, Today
4:30-5:30pmJourno-Nerd Survey: Help Us Ask Good Questions


During and after SRCCON, we have a documentation team writing up session summaries, collecting resource lists, and more. We’ll be publishing the write-ups on Source in the weeks that follow the conference, and also collecting write-ups and blog posts from attendees.

Transcription at SRCCON is made possible by Slack.