SRCCON tickets are sold out.

SRCCON tickets are now sold out. Thank you to everyone who registered—we can’t wait to see you in Minneapolis! And if you can’t make it to the event this year, please stay tuned for information on remote participation opportunities.

Cancellation and Transfers

SRCCON is a small event and we’re tuning the program to the exact attendee list we have, so please let us know as soon as you can if you’re not coming, because it may mean we’ll need to tweak our program a little. If you find that you’ll be unable to attend after all, you have two options: transfer your ticket to someone else (which is the quickest option), or get a refund (also fine but may take a little longer).

Including the Community

We are continuing to work to make SRCCON accessible to people in smaller and non-coastal newsrooms, and to members of communities underrepresented in journalism and technology. We have a very small pool of reserved tickets held back for this purpose. If you know someone who should be at SRCCON and might not otherwise be able to attend, please send them our way.